Month of Coordinator

Our most popular service, begining six to eight weeks prior to your wedding day we assist in easing your mind while taking care of those

last-minute details so you don't have to. ​

Up to 10 hours on the day of. With the help of our tailored timeline. From setup to breakdown, we are on-site ensuring your enjoyment while the day runs effortlessly.

Day of Coordinator Starting at $1,200++

Month of Coordinator Starting at $1,800++

Full  P      PpPlaning

Begining twelve+ months prior to your wedding day we take care of all the essential details! We work with you to create your perfect wedding!

Up to 12 hours on the day of. Carefully planning and designing every detail to fit your vision. Working with you on the events leading up to & after the wedding day. 

All Inclusive Weekend Starting at $6,000++

Full Wedding Day Planning Starting $5,500++

P artial  P lanning

Begining six to eight months prior to your wedding. This is the perfect fit to finish the planning process. We work with you to tie up those loose ends! 

Up to 12 hours on the day of. Creating an astounding occasion for you and your guests! 

Starting at $3,500++

E   lopements 

For Officiant services, we will create your ideal ceremony! You can choose to personally write, have us create a custom or prewritten ceremony.  

Elopements are simple and sweet. By creating the most quintessential ceremony, and help in choosing the perfect location. 

2020 Elopement Package

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Taxes & Travel not included in packages